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Today more than ever, as a result of the economic crisis, there is a need for many unemployed young people to access a loan. The problem very often for boys without employment or without a contract, for the insecure and for the categories that do not have economic stability, have difficulty offering guarantees.

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Loans for unemployed people without guarantees

Loans that do not provide guarantees are those funds provided by banks for those who do not have a demonstrable income but still need funds. Usually, these loans have a limited amount that can be disbursed, like 15 thousand euro and the period to return the amount is around the maximum of 5 years.

Normally a loan is required for a loan, be it a property held, a quantifiable asset or a guarantor. This type of loan, however, is not delivered lightly but there is a need for some important documents.

Having a higher loan: how to do it?

To get a loan you still need some support. In the event that a parent can show his or her income, it is also possible to obtain a more substantial income from € 30 thousand to € 60 thousand. An example of an institution offering payday loans online, also if you have bad credit is PurplePayday. Many institutions offer the possibility of underwriting financing even in the case of bad payers.

Loan without guarantees: Social Lending

The loan between individuals is a new way for those who wish to apply for a loan but have no guarantee. Basically, it proposes a project to an intermediary company, this is evaluated with an interest rate and then the private lenders decide whether or not to finance the subject and then give their money.

Banking institutions that offer loans to the unemployed

Beyond this new modality, there is the classic loan request that can be formalized in some institutions that do not require any guarantee.

Very often, classic banks do not give loans without guarantees, for this reason, we usually turn to intermediary companies or banks that evaluate the financial situation and agree to finance the applicant. If you need higher amounts you can also ask for a loan with the help of an acquaintance or a relative who can be a guarantor or to testify your ability to return the funds. This operation necessarily requires help and therefore a guarantee, but also allows access to larger amounts and above all to be able to apply to any bank. For those who want to go it alone, do not worry. However, there are many opportunities that offer limited loans to those who have no guarantees and for example are on the fifth of the return wage. The best practice is to apply to a large number of banking institutions so as to receive different proposals and to select the one that best meets their needs.