ILoveNaira Loan Company Harasses Student Despite Receiving Borrowed Money


Oyediran Quadri, a student at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), accused iLoveNaira, an online money lending platform, of harassing him.

Oyediran told FIJ that he downloaded the iLoveNaira app on March 30 when he was in desperate need of money and applied for a loan of 50,000 naira.

“When I applied for the loan, they told me to wait to check if I was eligible. While I was still waiting for my eligibility result, iLoveNaira sent N5,600 to my account,” said Oyediran.

ILoveNaira Transactions

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He explained that he immediately called iLoveNaira and asked for their account number. He said: “I asked for their account number immediately when I saw an alert of N5,600 instead of the N50,000 I had previously requested. I sent them the money the same day.

Oyediran claimed that iLoveNaira started bothering him to pay 3,000 naira interest after a week of repayment.

“After a week, I started getting messages from them to pay interest on the loan after returning their money. The situation got worse when they started messaging my contacts on WhatsApp,” Oyediran said.

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He said one of their customer service reps contacted him on WhatsApp, asking him to call a number on the app and tell his whereabouts.

“I had to re-download the app because I uninstalled it when I no longer needed their service. When I contacted the contact, no response was given. Now they harass me everywhere – even when I haven’t used the money,” he explained.

FIJ emailed iLoveNaira but they had not responded by press time.


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