Interest-Free… ZT Opens Interest-Free “Pledged Loan” Business


In the traditional financial field, lending services is a very important branch, a trillion-dollar market covering financial institutions such as banks and securities. The emergence of blockchain has amplified the endless possibilities of lending and also provided more people with crypto asset lending services.

The loan application has a natural adaptability to crypto users. When there is an urgent need for turnover, investors can directly pledge their coins to the exchange without selling their crypto assets, in order to obtain liquidity and supplement their own crypto investment.

Although mortgaged assets are different, like traditional loans, mortgages also have to pay interest. Taking the pledged loan from ZT, the current daily interest rate is 0.03%, which is slightly lower than the market average. That is, if 10,000 USDT is borrowed, the daily interest is only 3 USDT.

In this low interest rate situation, in order to bring real benefits to users, ZT will hold interest-free activity for all currencies from 00:00 on April 22n/a at 00:00 on May 06and (UTC+8).

Of course, in addition to the interest-free mortgage, the ZT mortgage is also very smooth: directly select “Crypto Loan” on the APP homepage, or “Pledged Loan” on the navigation bar at the top of the web terminal, select the type of pledge currency, and a variety of borrowable currencies, pledge currency, loan cycle, users can choose freely.

7*24 hour customer service, fast arrival.

That is to say, during this period, the user does not have to bear interest when borrowing. For users, “borrowing is earning”, and for users who need turnover, it is a business that only makes money and does not lose any.

This extremely fast lending model can not only solve users’ urgent needs, but also maximize the value of users’ assets and reduce users’ worries about losing money-making opportunities due to coin sales. .

From trading, wealth management, leverage, lending and other financial derivatives, ZT has always been actively innovating and always insisted on giving real benefits to users, so that platform users can get more benefits. We firmly believe that only user support can move ZT forward on the path of exchange.

It is believed that in the future, ZT, which cares about users and makes steady progress, will definitely try to further expand the boundaries of services and provide users with a better investment environment and better services.

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